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Learn how climate change is increasing uncontrolled megafires over the next 40 years.

Mobilize communities to take action on the crisis.

“It’s almost unfathomable to imagine a situation in which the 2020 wildfire season becomes a regular occurrence or even a mild year, but that’s exactly what could happen in our future.”



New research shows climate change will cause a steep increase in the exposure of U.S. properties to wildfire risks during the next 30 years, doubling the risk level in many areas.

Projected percentage increase in properties with a moderate risk of burning.png


We are providing people with the data and tools to mobilize their communities to action. Get posters and biodegradable stickers for yourself or others in at-risk communities to raise awareness about the threat of climate change. These signs serve as a stark reminder to what we will experience, and the communities we will lose, if we fail to act. 


Help us place posters and biodegradable stickers

in threatened communities.

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